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How do i close ports #77324 31/03/04 06:23 AM
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Vogon poet
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Vogon poet
Joined: Jan 2004
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Hi all.
The trojan-scanner i use gives me this lines:

Trojan Finder: Scanning.... please wait.!
You're infected with blade-Runner on port 5000
You're infected with SpySender-Nikhil-G. on port 1170
You're infected with Deep throat v2 on port 1080
Trojan Finder: Done.!

but the scanner gives no opportunity to remove them
Whats the best i can do?


Deridio fatum
Re: How do i close ports #77325 31/03/04 07:15 AM
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Hoopy frood
Hoopy frood
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Use one of the programs found in this post - I recommend AVG, The Cleaner and SwatIT for viruses/trojans.

Ports can be closed or "stealthed" (hidden) with Firewalls. A number of popular free firewalls are:

Zone Alarm
Tiny Personal Firewall

Remember that Windows XP (Home & Pro) comes with a free firewall - read these instructions.

Or you may wish to pay for a firewall - they have extra features and special options for added security - make sure you consider whether it's worth it or not before paying. Two of the most popular are Norton Personal Firewall (has a free trial) and McAfee Personal Firewall.


- NEVER accept files from people on IRC. Only accept files from trusted friends, 'trusted' meaning you've known them for months if not years, not because they've been nice to you for a few hours.

- NEVER go to URLs (website addresses) which are advertised to you on IRC. This includes "Free" pornography, free pictures of Britney Spears in the nude, pictures of people etc.

- NEVER type suspicious things that people tell you to type, especially if they contain //write $decode or any other long form of what appears to be a jumble of letters and numbers.

- ALWAYS have an antivirus (2+ preferably) installed on your computer. If they have auto-protect features then have it enabled.

- ALWAYS have the latest updates from www.windowsupdate.com.

- ALWAYS have the latest version of your software. mIRC is an important one to have updated to avoid any exploits that may be found. You can always get the most up to date version at www.mirc.com/get.html.

Just an FYI, this isn't really a Scripting issue, mIRC scripting has nothing (or very little) to do with closing your ports, detecting or cleaning you of trojans.

Stay safe! smile