Could we please get a command to create an error? This could be used as an alternative to halting or returning from a script where certain conditions for it's operation are not met. This would also shortcut customized error messages. It would be nice if the command would not go to :error in the calling alias, but halt the alias and resume error handling from where the alias was called.

picwin limits:
I have discovered that there is a limit on picwin sizes. I can't figure out what the limit is, as it seems to change the more windows I use. I seem to be able to stretch the limits by drawing the largest one I can (that functions), leaving it open, creating another one as large as I can (which is smaller than the first), then the max size for a single one seems to increase if I close both and try again. If you create a window too large, it doesn't give you an error unless you try to use it.

//.timer 1 0 window -c @test | window -pf +d @test 0 0 100000 100000 | drawdot @test 1 1 1 1

The window frame is drawn, but it not the rest of the window.

* /drawdot: invalid window

Is it possible to have the /window command give an error rather than waiting until something tries to use the window? Also, is there a way to predict what the largest window I can create is?