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#74733 - 10/03/04 05:19 PM Behind a Proxy Server...Please Help!
daveturner101 Offline
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I connect to IRC through a University proxy server and although I am able to chat etc I am unable to start DCC sessions with other users to download certain files.

Does anyone know how I can get past this problem? I can only assume that its the proxy server thats causing it. I have the proxy address and port number. Am I entering the data into the right place?

The error message I get when trying to start a DCC session is something like 'Unable to start DCC session...'



#74734 - 10/03/04 05:23 PM Re: Behind a Proxy Server...Please Help!
fxmakers Offline
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Hi !

you must have open port(s) on the Proxy server and configure it to route these ports to your computer to initiate a DCC (specified in mIRC's Option > Connect > Options > Button Advanced.).
You'll have to talk with the server admin, but as you know, you're in a school...