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#69796 - 31/01/04 04:40 AM I got an error msg. when I connecting
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when I try to connect to mirc or irc
I always got a message say something like..
"Connections from insecure proxy severs are not allowed"

what's wrong with my computer?
and how can I solve this problem?
thank you for your help : )


#69797 - 31/01/04 08:23 AM Re: I got an error msg. when I connecting
Raccoon Offline
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It sounds like your system has a program "Listening" on port 1080 or a like port which is commonly used to traffic anonymous IRC connections. This is typical behaviour of machines that have been exploited via Trojan Horse virus or insecure settings.

Take measures to secure your machine and clean it of viruses. Purchase at least 2 virus scanners, a decent firewall, and keep up on your Windows Updates.

And NEVER EVER click on a link that someone gives you on IRC. Even if it's a hot naked girl showing you her pic. That pic is really a nasty STD. (note, there are no hot naked girls on irc)

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#69798 - 31/01/04 11:10 AM Re: I got an error msg. when I connecting
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Altho i dont know what network you are getting the msg on, many network's websites have info that will help you understand and deal with that problem.
For example some good info (even if you dont use DALnet)can be found at
http://kline.dal.net/exploits/firewalls.htm and http://kline.dal.net/proxy/

You can find info on helping to secure and check your puter at http://zine.dal.net/previousissues/issue19/resources.php
ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet