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#68884 - 22/01/04 08:58 AM A real DNS bug
WizeGuy Offline
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Hey folks

Just wanted to report a dns bug I think I found in mIRC. If you are running mIRC v6.12 under Windows XP, try to DNS the ip

What happens when you do so, is that mIRC crashes. I've tested this bug on several computers with WinXP, and it's the same result each time. Hope you guys can let me know if it happens to you too, and hopefully fix the problem smile


#68885 - 22/01/04 09:06 AM Re: A real DNS bug
Collective Offline
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This has been reported many times, here is the biggest post on the subject. Please use Search before posting, remembering to expand the date range.

Edit: Made less rude (wasn't meant to be)

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#68886 - 22/01/04 03:28 PM Re: A real DNS bug
wario Offline
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yes but yesterday also /dns crashed my mirc ... today no :!:!:! laugh mah !