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#61748 - 25/11/03 10:16 AM Can I install mIRC twice?
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I want to be able to have an installation of mirc with scripts that I use, installed, and another one without scripts for basic chatting, is this possible?


#61749 - 25/11/03 10:57 AM Re: Can I install mIRC twice?
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Yep. You can either install mirc in another directory (you can use the mirc installer or simply copy and paste the mirc.exe [and mirc.hlp if you want]), installing twice may have some sideeffects on registry settings (not sure, but it may overwrite the earlier versions entry in the "add/remove programs" control panel) and shortcuts, none of these seem major though.

You can also use the -i<ini.file> command line parameter (just make a shortcut with the parameters) to have the same mirc run different configurations (scripts, nicks etc.) with multiple instances of your mirc.exe - which will save a little disk space and clutter. See /help command line for more information.

Hope that helps. smile