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#59651 - 09/11/03 08:08 PM i can connect to the dalnet servers ?????????
pruce Offline
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Registered: 09/11/03
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i cant connect to the dalnet servers i am getting the following messege
(Closing Link: (You match the pattern of a known trojan, please check your system.)
i did check for trojans using cleaner 3 and house call through internet but still problem existing plz help

#59652 - 10/11/03 03:52 AM Re: i can connect to the dalnet servers ?????????
ParaBrat Offline
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Mite be you, or someone within the same ip range could be causing the problem, but you will need to contact the kline team at kline@dal.net or visit their website at http://kline.dal.net/ in order to resolve this. It could be that something in your mask just matches a known string, like for example the part before the @ in your mask has certain characters (like ^ or _) or follows a known thingie like all caps, or alternating caps and lower case (cHiCkEn). Include the msg you see in your email, and explain what you have done to check your system.
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