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#58116 - 28/10/03 12:44 PM Confirm when pasting lines of text
sobel Offline
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Pasting 1 line should mean 1 line with ending CR+LF. If you set "Confirm when pasting 1 line or more of text" it shouldn't ask for confirmation when a line with no CRLF is pasted. Would anyone agree?

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#58117 - 28/10/03 03:35 PM Re: Confirm when pasting lines of text
Doqnach Offline
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makes sence... more of a feature suggestion then a bug though...
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#58118 - 29/10/03 12:33 AM Re: Confirm when pasting lines of text
Raccoon Offline
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Actually, this is how it worked in 6.11 and was changed in 6.12 while fixing a related bug in this feature. While there was a work around for that bug, there is no work around for this one.

Basically, mIRC should not warn you unless the text is being sent to the server. If the line doesn't end in CRLF, it shouldn't warn you. If you're using a multi-line editbox, then it shouldn't warn for any number of lines.

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