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#57314 - 25/10/03 04:26 AM 'Invalid argument' trying to connect to Mirc
Mummyman Offline
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Registered: 25/10/03
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I am using the latest version of mirc, and have tried older versions but nothing seems to work. It keeps giving me an "invalid argument" error when trying to connect. This goes for EFnet, DALnet, or any others. I am using comcast broadband but with a usb connection to my computer. Do i need a network card to be able to connect? Thanks for any help.

#57315 - 26/10/03 01:00 PM Re: 'Invalid argument' trying to connect to Mirc
dypa Offline
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what do you type?
/server *.*.*


#57316 - 26/10/03 04:01 PM Re: 'Invalid argument' trying to connect to Mirc
lonesome Offline
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Do you have any scripts loaded? Try a clean install of mIRC and see if it can connect.