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#56930 - 23/10/03 02:01 PM AutoAbuseDetection/Banned
xpbulldog Offline
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Registered: 23/10/03
Posts: 1
Please help. I cannot connect any more as it says AutoAbuseDetection.
How do I get this removed from my name.
Can I contact irc.prison.net. which has banned me
I also am new to this. Could it be my own fault?

#56931 - 23/10/03 09:29 PM Re: AutoAbuseDetection/Banned
m3gabyt3s Offline
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Registered: 21/10/03
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1) you could've used prohibited/abusive nickname on a server
2)someone else(if not you) with the same IP as yours could've made a mistake and got banned from using the server that you're trying to connect
3)your Ident may contain abusive word

1)be sure that you use normal nickname
2)check your Ident
3)contact the server Admin
4) Use proxy wink