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#55307 - 16/10/03 06:31 PM Irc client for web page
Luza Offline
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Registered: 16/10/03
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Does any1 know a good irc client to put on my web page?

If it's free, that would be great. And the more I can put in my own colours, fonts and pictures in it - would help a lot.

If u know a irc client that works in a web page, please give me the link:)


#55308 - 16/10/03 06:36 PM Re: Irc client for web page
sparta Offline
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Try pjirc .. search for it with goggle, you can also try serach this forum.. it have a fev questions and aswers about the same topic as you..
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#55309 - 16/10/03 07:04 PM Re: Irc client for web page
codemastr Offline
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#55310 - 18/10/03 06:07 PM Re: Irc client for web page
FunChatter Offline
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