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#5436 - 07/01/03 08:39 PM Popup Problem - /say isn't working in mIRC v6.03!
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For some strange reason, I have just found that popups in my nickname list menu that start with /say do not function. The ones beginning with /me are fine... I've tried typing /say with a line of text following into the dialogue box in a channel or query/chat window, but it doesn't work there either... anyone have any idea as to why this might be? Perhaps I need to replace this version with an older one? Appreciate any/all input... thanks! ;-) ~ Rivka.
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#5437 - 07/01/03 09:56 PM Re: Popup Problem - /say isn't working in mIRC v6.03!
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/say by /msg $active
/me by /describe $active

The /say and /me commands are to be used in the edit bar and in aliasses.
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#5438 - 07/01/03 10:01 PM Re: Popup Problem - /say isn't working in mIRC v6.03!
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The popup she posted on her other topic worked fine for me, all commands done in channel and nicklist popups are done as if typed into the channel editbox.

#5439 - 08/01/03 06:43 AM Re: Popup Problem - /say isn't working in mIRC v6.03!
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Type this command from any editbox in any window:

[color:840017]//echo -ati2 * Is /say an alias? $iif($isalias(say),Yes - in the file $isalias(say).fname,No - that is not the problem.)[/color]

I rather suspect that you will find you have an alias gone awry, such as in the following examples.
  • [code]

    ; PROBLEM: Alias name got deleted in a remote alias definition
    alias say Hi $1- $+ ! Welcome to $chan $+ !!
    ; FIX: alias [color:red]greet say Hi $1- $+ ! Welcome to $chan $+ !![/color]

    ; PROBLEM: Alias name got deleted in a normal alias definition
    say Hi $1- $+ ! Welcome to $chan $+ !!
    ; FIX: [color:red]greet say Hi $1- $+ ! Welcome to $chan $+ !![/color]

    ; PROBLEM: A new script you have loaded includes a badly written custom /say alias
    alias say .msg $active $1-
    ; FIX: Ask the author of that script to fix it[/color]
If your problem doesn't fit one of these fairly easily fixed solutions and that command I gave you at the top returns Yes, go into the filename it tells you and simply rename the alias say alias to something else - such as say.broke - and then try your popups again.

If all of that fails, then go into your popups and edit them such that they do not need to use say at all, as was suggested earlier, changing say to msg $active:
  • Greet $1: msg $active Hi there $1 - I've missed you terribly.
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