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#52604 - 05/10/03 05:52 PM Please Help me Find a decent Trivia Bot
MrVash776 Offline
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Registered: 05/10/03
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Could someone please give tell me where I can find a Good Trivia Bot? I downloaded one but I don't like it very much, and I would really appreciate any help you could give... Thank you for helping me!

#52605 - 05/10/03 06:40 PM Re: Please Help me Find a decent Trivia Bot
LocutusofBorg Offline
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You already have one, but you don't like it. How are we supposed to know what you like? We cannot help you, as you never told us. Download some, try them, if you don't like em, delete them and move on to the next until you find one you like.
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#52606 - 05/10/03 11:23 PM Re: Please Help me Find a decent Trivia Bot
CtrlAltDel Offline
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check your private messages
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