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#51699 - 28/09/03 07:00 AM Evaluation Copy
ZiJing Offline
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Does it mean that after 30 days and I choose not to Register, I can't use mIRC v6.1 anymore ?

Why issit that the past version doesn't require people to Register ?

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#51700 - 28/09/03 07:33 AM Re: Evaluation Copy
Strider Offline
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You've always been required to pay for your copy of mIRC after 30 days, if you decide to keep it.

The answer to your question is no. After 30 days mIRC will still work, but that doesn't man that you shouldn't pay for it.

#51701 - 28/09/03 10:14 AM Re: Evaluation Copy
LocutusofBorg Offline
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Please use the forum's SEARCH eature next time - this questions has been asked more times than I care to count since v6.1 was released. It was answered as many times.
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