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#50516 - 21/09/03 04:55 AM part all chans
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when i trying to join in #2,000 or #3,000 e.t.c ... im parting from all channel

#50517 - 21/09/03 05:18 AM Re: part all chans
cold Offline
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This doesn't happen here on both versions 5.91 and 6.1.
But I remember falling into this bug before.. so I guess this isn't about mIRC. Must be a problem of the IRC server/network you're on.
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#50518 - 21/09/03 06:02 AM Re: part all chans
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This is not a bug, it's the way some IRC servers work. See this thread for details.

#50519 - 21/09/03 09:08 AM Re: part all chans
KingTomato Offline
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joining channel 0 is _almost_ like an irc statndard. When done, it parts you from all channel names. The syntax for channel lists are [#|&]Channel[,[#|&]Channel]

Where you have a channel beginning with # or &, then a comma seperating it. When a channel 0 is listed, you re parted from all. I would almost suggest that mirc offers a "Catch" for this as it has for links now. "You have chosen to join channel 0. You may be parted from all channels if you continue. Would you like to join channel 0?" That way just incase one seems to sneak by you, you can catch it >:D

#50520 - 21/09/03 02:25 PM Re: part all chans
Raccoon Offline
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I personally use /join 0 in place of /partall, because it seems faster. Some IRC servers throttle you for stacking too many channels in /join and /part, but doing /join 0 doesn't have that effect.

I dont think anything should be done about this. It is a server protocol issue and should be left as such. Users will learn about it the hard way and will be that much more educated . . .

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