i am making a bot for a game called C&C renegade,then i came accross a script that should work, it is suposed to read the log then notice its self the info from it then do the apropriate things, but the proble is this bit of code:
alias run1 {
  /set %file5 %logpath $+ \renlog_ $+ $replace($date(m/d/yyyy),/,-) $+ .txt
  if ($read(%file5, 1)) {
    /notice $me $read(%file5, 1) | /write FDS_Log_ $+ $replace($date(mm/d/yyyy),/,-) $+ .txt $read( $+ %file5 $+ , 1) | /remove %file5
;thats is on this timer
on 1:CONNECT: { 
  if (%fdspath == $null) {
    //echo Please type /config and fill in the info then reconnect.
  else {
    [color:red]/timer0 0 .1 /run1[/color]
    /join %reportchan 
    /auser 5 $me

there is 2 problems,
1. when i do game info the fds sends about 5 lines to the log in 1 second, therefor only the firstline is read
2. the loading part it send load 1% etc nearly to 100, but it floods me, if i dont get disconected i miss the info such as loading map after it cos its still reeling off all these loading things
is there a way around the notice aswell
can anyone help?

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