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#434 - 09/12/02 01:15 AM connection issues
joeih Offline
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I have used IRC for 7 years, never had a problem connecting before, I havent changed any settings and now I am unable to connect to any servers at all.. Can someone fill me in on the Dalnet issues? And maybe tell me if there is a trick now to connecting..What is the problem?

#435 - 09/12/02 01:19 AM Re: connection issues
chanserv Offline
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Well currently dalnets completly b0rked with the delinking and attacks ect.. A bit of a pain, oh well.. try again later smile

#436 - 09/12/02 07:08 PM Re: connection issues
Ice_Black Offline
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News From Dalnet...

It is a sad fact that it has been somewhat difficult to connect to DALnet for some time. There are several reasons for this, including ongoing attacks and a loss of servers.
This weekend, these problems have increased. DALnet has been under an unusually strong, unusually persistent attack. These attacks are directed at all DALnet client servers, rather than just a few.

The DALnet administration is working with service providers and with law enforcement to stop these attacks, but this is not an easy task. We apologize for the disruption, and ask that you bear with us through these difficult times.

#437 - 11/12/02 07:26 PM Re: connection issues
FunChatter Offline
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also frink who was the admin of twisted.* the biggest DALnet server and the admin of typhoon.* quited as ircop and delinked his two servers frown and tiscali.* one of the biggest DALnet servers was down all the weekend... it's back to normal now.