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#3932 - 29/12/02 01:42 PM Hi there !
Saturne Offline
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Hello all,

I did never bother to check mIRC forums, and I must admin that I should have.
I thought I'd introduce myself on the first place, as many of you are here for long now, so there you are : I'm a 18-year-old french student (which explains my english, sometimes funny) who has used mIRC for... the beggining (2.1a ! I still have a copy of it, and it was really poor, lol) and I was wanting to help a bit. I don't pretend to be a god-of-scripters, but I do think I'm pretty good and I may help if needed (I'm very often online).

So, happy new year to everyone I wouldn't speak to before wednesday !


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#3933 - 29/12/02 04:21 PM Re: Hi there !
Watchdog Offline
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#3934 - 30/12/02 09:12 AM Re: Hi there !
wyx Offline
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happy new year to
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#3935 - 30/12/02 11:00 PM Re: Hi there !
Poppy Offline
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Happy New Year grin
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