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#37086 - 19/07/03 12:28 AM Forward echoes to seperate window ?
MrNiceGuy Offline
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Hi smile

I've searched around for this, but doesn't seem to be possible, but I will try and ask anyway.

Is it possible to forward all echoes to a @window ?
I know you can with notices, so I imagine it's possible with echoes aswell, I just haven't found anything about it..

#37087 - 19/07/03 12:40 AM Re: Forward echoes to seperate window ?
pheonix Offline
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//echo @window test?
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#37088 - 19/07/03 11:11 AM Re: Forward echoes to seperate window ?
Hammer Offline
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/echo is a command that you (or your script) issue to tell mIRC where to put a certainly line of data. What that means every /echo that occurs do so because you have told mIRC to do it explicitly. That being the case, all you need do is search through your script and change them all to /echo to a certain window (if that is your preference).

However, I believe you will find that you do not really want that, you simply want a certain type of message to go to a single custom window, such as perhaps CTCPs or notices sent directly to you (rather than a channel notice of some kind).
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#37089 - 20/07/03 03:24 AM Re: Forward echoes to seperate window ?
KingTomato Offline
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In addition to Hammer, you could however modify the echo alias, ad make them echo in the specific window. Something like

alias echo {
if (-* iswm $1) /echo $1 @window $2-
else /echo @window $1-

That doesn't account for the manu possibility of echo such as if the first parameter is a number, it should go before the @window making it a color parameter, but its simplistic. If you only have things like

/echo -s Some text
/echo hello

you should be fine >:F