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#37053 - 18/07/03 09:09 PM What is G-Line, K-line, D-line and etc.
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Hybrid7 /help

--- kline :
--- kline :Adds a KLINE to the ircd.conf or klines.conf file which
--- kline :will ban the specified user from using that server.
--- kline :The banned client will receive a message saying he/she
--- kline :is banned with reason [reason]
--- kline :
--- kline :If an oper reason is added (the pipe must be specified
--- kline :to seperate the fields) this will be added into the
--- kline :kline.conf but will not be shown to the user when they
--- kline :are given the kline reason.
--- kline :
--- kline :KLINE user@ip.ip.ip.ip :[reason] [| oper reason]
--- kline :will kline the user at the unresolved ip.
--- kline :ip.ip.ip.ip can be in CIDR form i.e.
--- kline : or 192.168.0.* (which is converted to CIDR form internally)
--- kline :
--- kline :For a temporary KLINE, length of kline is given in
--- kline :minutes as the first parameter i.e.
--- kline :KLINE 10 <nick|user@host> :cool off for 10 minutes
--- kline :
--- kline :KLINE <user@host> ON irc.server :[reason] [| oper reason]
--- kline :will kline the user on irc.server if irc.server accepts
--- kline :remote klines.
--- kline :
--- kline :- Requires Oper Priv: K
--- kline :End of /HELP.

GLINE:--- gline :GLINE <user@host> :[reason]
--- gline :
--- gline :-- if glines are enabled --
--- gline :Attempts to add a global IRC-network wide ban on
--- gline :<user@host> for the reason [reason].
--- gline :
--- gline :It takes three different opers on three different
--- gline :servers to do the same GLINE within a short interval,
--- gline :to have a GLINE triggered for a compiled time of hours.
--- gline :
--- gline :- Requires Oper Priv: G
--- gline :End of /HELP.

--- dline : DLINE <nick|ip> :[reason]
--- dline :
--- dline :Adds a DLINE to the ircd.conf or klines.conf file
--- dline :which will deny any connections from the IP address
--- dline : of the banned client. The banned client will receive
--- dline :a message saying he/she is banned with reason [reason]
--- dline :
--- dline :In order to use <nick> rather than <ip>, <nick> must
--- dline :be on your server.
--- dline :
--- dline :- Requires Oper Priv: K
--- dline :End of /HELP.

#37054 - 18/07/03 11:14 PM Re: What is G-Line, K-line, D-line and etc.
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k:line and g:line are automatic kills. Once your IP/Host is added and you try to connect, you get killed by the server once it detects that you have tried to connect. I am assuming that d:line is much the same as a z:line and if so it is a bit like a firewall and simply does not let your client even attempt connection.
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