Well I've mIRC working behind a HTTP Proxy (Squid) and configured for Firewall (Proxy) support both DCC and server.

DCC Sends works fine trough the Proxy. But DCC Gets don't. Well... I checked my open connections (netstat -a -n) while trying to receive a file an got this:

My-Lan-IP:2020 DCC-Sender-IP:4695 SYN_SENT

Shouldn't mIRC send SYN,ACK packets to my proxy instead of trying to reach the sender directly? I think the correct status with nestat should be:

My-Lan-IP:2020 My-Proxy-IP:80 SYN_SENT

Then the proxy would acknowledge the connection by itself.

My Firewall rules matches the mIRC port packets, no problems with that.