A couple changes to the appearance of the Script Editor menubar that could be helpful to scripting.

  • In the /Listen menu, adding choices "Enable All" and "Disable All".

    Most of the time when someone wants to change these, they're wanting to change them all.
  • In the /Index menu for the Remote Tab, it would be great if the dropdown for 'alias' could do something like it does in the Aliases tab, and split them up into submenus.
  • In the View menu where it lists the loaded scripts, if it could show a few more scripts above the 'more...'

    Wouldn't need to be the entire screen height like /index/alias, maybe like 2/3rds


And a note to forum readers that they should take a look at the /index menu of the remote tab, to see if their script is showing anything in the '?' category which might need to be fixed. These might be things caused by { bracket errors not detected by the bracket check, forgetting to put 'alias' in front of something moved from the aliases tab, etc.

The '?' category in the aliases tab behaves differently than in the remote tab. In the remote tab it's more likely that the '?' are things that don't belong there. But in the aliases tab, that includes harmless things such as aliases that don't begin with 'a-z', including aliases having the optional '/' prefix. Which means that the sample aliases that are part of the default install like /j are going to be in the '?' tab instead of sorted with all the aliases beginning with 'j'. But if you delete the '/' slash, then that alias gets sorted alphabetically.