For Online Timer, 2 changes:

1. Instead of having the icon be a useless clock, have the icon instead show the actual $onlineserver or $onlinetotal in HH:nn:ss format

2. Have a 3rd option for the icon to instead show the current time in HH:nn:ss format, assuming the display size will be large enough to read. I know Windows shows the time in the tray, but it doesn't have the :ss there.

I don't use the online timer, but I would use the icon if it showed the current time. And those who do use the online timer would find it convenient to see the duration count-up in the icons row instead of needing to keep the status window's titlebar visible in order to see the time-without-seconds. I guess this would not longer be an icon, but would be something more in line with being a small dialog or menu area.