I switched over to a win10 machine, I copied my old install of mirc

I tried to use SSL via /sockopen -e and port 443 via a script, nothing worked, I check and on sockopen is not even triggering, only sockclose triggers with $sockerr set to 5, which was reported by Saturn as a 'certain SSL error occured' (note that $sock().wsmsg was 0 unknown error in this case, but since it's SSL related, i believe it's not a bug). That wasn't super helpul to find a solution.

I then tried to connect to an irc server using SSL and I got a "* unable to connect: invalid private certificate" error.

I deleted the .pem file set in SSL option and recreated one from mIRC and everything worked.

Even non SSL wise, the help file is not super clear about the order of events that can happen. I think it's fair to say that scripters live with the assumption that on sockopen should always trigger first, success or not, it's surprising to have to handle an error at connecting in the sockclose event.

I'm not sure but I don't think that non ssl tcp socket can trigger on sockclose without triggering first on sockopen, and I don't think the SSL behavior is too well known to cause major backward compat, if possible I'd like to see such SSL error being reported in on sockopen rather than on sockclose. And I'd like to be able to know more about the SSL error, aka if it's the .pem file that's is invalid, same as with trying to connect to irc.

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