Would be nice to have a way for #channel max lines to be set differently than changing the options/other/window-buffer setting.

This setting originally applied only to #channels, but later when it was changed to apply also to @windows, then /window was given a -jN switch so each window could have its own override setting.

However there doesn't seem to be a way to override the buffer setting for an individual channel, either permanent like how #channel positions can be saved permanently, or how the buffer can be set temporarily for a @window with -jN.

This would help people who keep a lot of windows open, but have only 1 of many channels that they need to have a large buffer. Right now they need to set the window buffer lines high for all channels in order to have it be large for just the 1 channel.

An alternative could be to allow /dline to work in a #channel, which would allow a maintenance script to be run on a timer to chop all non-exempt windows shorter.