Not a total mIRC noob, but you might as well treat me like one for the purposes of this conversation. I've never had much of a need to modify the program beyond the defaults until now. The color tweaks in the latest update seem minor enough, but somehow it's so much *brighter*. It is literally hurting my eyes. Not a problem with my brightness settings, it's only happening in mIRC. None of the other default color schemes provided really work for me, either.

How would I go about importing a new scheme, via a script or a plugin or something, rather than have to change everything manually? I've googled, and searched these forums, but all I find are references to things on an "mircscripts" website, which no longer seems to exist. Are these things archived elsewhere now? Or are there alternatives I'm not finding?

I tried asking on reddit, but all I got was "durr, you still use mIRC, what a loser." I mean, my needs haven't changed in ages, why should I learn a entirely new program just because the one I've been using forever is now "old"? Sigh. Should've known better than to expect any different from reddit.

Anyway, any help on locating themes or color schemes, and what to do when I find one I like, would be most appreciated. Thank you!