Hi any suggestions how to add timer ?

ON $*:TEXT:/^!number\s/:#:{ 
  if ((%floodEVERYONE) || ($($+(%,floodEVERYONE.,$nick),2))) { return }
  set -u60 %floodEVERYONE On
  IF ($regex($3,^+$)) {
    var -g %target $remove($2, @)
    inc %scriptcount | 
    set %number [ $+ [ $chan ] ] $rand(1,10) 
    msg $chan %target , You Have Been Chosen By $nick To Guess A Random Number Between: 1 And 10, To Guess What It Is Type: !guess <number> (You have 60 s. ).
  ELSE MSG $chan $nick $+ , Use: !number [username] to challenge a user to guess a number from 1-10

So i want to add 60 sec. timer to guess the number for person ($target) who has to guess or he will get timeout.

Thanks for any help.