Connecting to an IRC server is one thing, staying connected another! For those that wish to use a IRC bounced network connection with mIRC, consider setting up znc on a raspberry pi! A raspberry pi is a cheap micro computer that consumes relatively little energy.(https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.c...y-does-the-raspberry-pi-consume-in-a-day)

znc keeps you in all your channels;
znc logs all traffic in your channels;
znc can be setup to authenticate with NickServ or SASL automatically;
znc can be setup to handle connections from multiple devices. So you can connect to it with your phone, mIRC on a windows computer, or another IRC client on another operating system.

Needs an always on computer such as a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that your rent or a raspberry pi at home.
Needs a bit of time installing and configuring

For those that are interested in trying znc out on a raspberry pi, I've written the following:

Installing And Configuring ZNC On A Raspberry Pi

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