Hello everybody, Can you help me make a snippet of code to save everyone's nickname when the bot announces someone into the room.
1. When I type the command! Listnickonline outside the room, the bot will automatically play listnickonline.txt slowly out of the room.
2. When the PL bot notices that there is a parted nick outside the room, the script automatically deletes that nick from listnickonline.txt

Example when PL bot notices NickName joined / parted:
+ Joined:
<Relay-Bot> (ÏŸupernets) gkyratsas!~GeKy@7C3036F9.A7E926DB.C0779230.IP joined <=== i want the bot will log Nickname is: gkyratsas (IYupernets) <--- IYupernets is the host name of IRC Network. That mean nickname gkyratsas connect from network IYupernets.

+ Parted:
<Relay-Bot> (ÏŸupernets) gkyratsas!~GeKy@7C3036F9.A7E926DB.C0779230.IP parted <=== when nickname parted, bot will delelted nickname on listnickonline.txt.

+ Quit:
<Relay-Bot> (ÏŸupernets) gkyratsas!~GeKy@7C3036F9.A7E926DB.C0779230.IP quit (reason quit)

For example, if the listnickonline.txt has about 30 nicknames, the bot will automatically search the list and delete the correct parted or quit nicknames: gkyratsas (IYupernets)

Thank you and look forward to your feedback with the code!