I wish to request extending the $server() identifier to support a numeric value for the optional 'group' parameter, to reference the N'th group, to allow for iterating through each of the server groups (ie, networks) without having to know them by name beforehand.

$server(0,0) == number of server groups
$server(0,1).group == name of the first server group
$server(1,1).group == name of the first server group*
$server(0,1) == number of servers in the first server group
$server(1,1) == first server in the first group

$server(0,1).group and $server(1,1).group might return two different values, if that server address happens to belong to two different groups. This is why $server(0,1).group or $server(,1).group should definitely return the group name and not just the server count.
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