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#264645 - 26/12/18 11:45 AM Script Editor > View Menu > More...
Raccoon Offline
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I'd like to propose a slight change to the View menu in the script editor. I've always felt it to be a little challenging to navigate.

The View menu displays scripts in their loaded order, but only the first 25 scripts. That's genuinely a lot of scripts for most people, but once you start writing modular code, bots and games that quickly changes. Presently I have 44 scripts loaded, and it's a real challenge switching between them in the editor.

The View > More dialog is a bit like the File > Order dialog, but it does not display scripts in their loaded order. It's also very tiny and difficult to scroll through.

I recommend doing away with the More dialog completely, and merge its functionality into the File > Order dialog. Then make View > More menu item into a sub-menu that displays 25 more scripts in their correct order. This would make navigating between scripts MUCH FASTER.

You might duplicate the File > Order menu item as View > Order, too, so people looking for the old dialog can easily find it there, at the top.
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#264654 - 27/12/18 03:32 PM Re: Script Editor > View Menu > More... [Re: Raccoon]
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Anything would probably be better than that dialog smirk

Thoughts on Letter/Symbol submenus, so that you'd have a menu "C" that expands to "connect.ini" and "crypto.mrc", next to a "D" menu that has "dialogs.mrc"?
Letter menus would only show up with at least one script in there; and potentially even collapse if there is only one of them.

Although, that won't help my "lets try this out" flurry of "S" that holds "script1.ini" until "script17.mrc" laugh