$ircdtype, $ircdversion, $isupport

It can become difficult writing a script that works across multiple IRC networks, mostly because of the profoundly different ways that the different IRCDs work.

Can we get an identifier that reveals the name of the IRCD codebase, and perhaps its versioning information, and perhaps access to all the various 005 supports?

At present, I'm writing an /iblfill, which is basically like /ialfill but for the various banlists (quiet, exempt, invites, etc). I'm running into headaches trying to determine which Networks (there are a lot of networks) support which lists. If I can narrow it down to IRCDs, this would be a lot easier.

The different behaviors range from, supporting +q (quiet) lists, or if +q is (Channel Owner List)(Unreal). Or whether the server supports multiple flags in one MODE command (MODE +beIq) or if each flag has to be sent as an individual MODE command(Unreal).

I know that mIRC internally conducts a whole range of tests on the IRC server to determine its shape. I'm hoping some of that information can be exposed to scripts to use.


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