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#264436 - 28/11/18 07:02 PM on *:BEEP:#: { echo -ate * Beeped: $target }
0nslaught Offline
Ameglian cow

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on *:BEEP:#: { echo -ate * Beeped: $target }
on *:BEEP:?: { echo -ate * Beeped: $target }

Mainly, this would be useful in identifying which window is beeping when not scrolled all of the way to the bottom.

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#264437 - 28/11/18 09:36 PM Re: on *:BEEP:#: { echo -ate * Beeped: $target } [Re: 0nslaught]
maroon Offline
Hoopy frood

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Yes. It can be confusing locating the source of the beep when there are several sources of /beep, including scripts, options\sounds\events, highlight, the 4 kind of options\sounds\beep-on-message, etc.

Something like this, or an identifier like $lastbeep or an icon in toolbar that gives a tooltip showing the cause of the latest beep.

Or even something like a /scroll_all_windows_to_bottom command

The most common cause is as mentioned by OP, often caused by the mouse accidentally scrolling up slightly without realizing it.