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#264301 - 17/11/18 08:24 PM $cb(0,u)
maroon Offline
Hoopy frood

Registered: 12/01/04
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in v6.35, this shows: len= 14 lines= 2
in current version it shows the entire clipboard in place of "2".

//clipboard test1 $crlf test2 | echo -a len= $cb(0,u).len lines= $cb(0,u)

I didn't report this as part of the prior thread, so not sure if I missed it or it changed since then.


#264306 - 18/11/18 10:35 AM Re: $cb(0,u) [Re: maroon]
Khaled Offline

Planetary brain

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Okay, this changed after the update to $cb() in v7.52. I have made a change to the next beta that specifically affects $cb(,u) and fixes this issue but will need further testing to check for side-effects.