I wish to propose a request for a new type of custom window to compliment the existing three types. A notepad or edit window that would allow for free-form text entry with click x/y caret typing, like Notepad.exe, and would otherwise work identically to a normal custom window.

The caret editable text area would introduce a couple new command and event supporting features, but most functionality should already be covered by existing commands and events, like /echo and /aline and On KEYUP. /echo and|or /aline (/rline /iline) could introduce a couple new flags: maybe a -x switch to indicate which character offset position to use for string insertion; it could include a -o switch for "overwrite"; and /echo could include a -y switch for line number to insert at, and maybe a -o switch to replace [overwrite] a line instead of insert.

Why would anyone want this? Mainly for new and interesting script interactions.

- Document writing, file editing, hash table editing, etc.
- Write collaboratively over IRC like a whiteboard script!
- ASCII Art editing with mIRC colors
- Unique script interactions that don't require complex /dialog building
- Cool game possibilities!
- Anything where x/y matrix text input/output can be useful.

Assuming this wouldn't be too difficult to implement, ie, simply making a standard custom window editable, I do hope it's given consideration for at least experimentation in beta. smile

Well. At least I won lunch.
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