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#263734 - 11/09/18 08:18 PM Problème mIRC général
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Suite à une remise à zéro de mon ordinateur j'ai perdu mIRC.

Je le retélécharge, je veux le reconfigurer mais étant assez mauvais je ne trouve pas mon pseudo initial "Aske" mais "Askee" mon pseudo alternatif..

Ensuite j'avais un ZNC mais impossible de remettre la main dessus.

Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'aider ?


#263735 - 11/09/18 08:52 PM Re: Problème mIRC général [Re: Aske]
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Originally Posted By: Aske

Following a reset of my computer I lost mIRC.

I redownload it, I want to reconfigure it but being quite bad I can not find my initial nickname "Aske" but "Askee" my alternate nickname ..

Then I had a ZNC but impossible to get my hands on it.

Can anyone help me ?


Well, there are several things to do here.

First, try to remember which IRC network you used to use. That's the one that you know people on, and have a registered nickname.

If you were connected via ZNC, then it's likely that your ZNC is still connected, and hogging your nickname. That's why you can't use it right now.

Work with the people who helped you set up your ZNC, so you can use it again. Hopefully you remember all your passwords.

If you are giving up on the ZNC, then log into the IRC network's NickServ and boot off your ZNC by using the 'GHOST' command. Ask a network staff / help channel how to do this, so you can reclaim your nickname.

Hope this helps.
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