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#263311 - 07/07/18 10:20 AM Own messages and notices not visible for me
Carine Offline
Mostly harmless

Registered: 07/07/18
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Currently using mirc7.52, I can't find how to fix this annoying problem to me.
I can't see my own messages on channels : they just don't appear to me after the time stamp. I can't see my own /notice either.
I can see my own messages on /query
(the /me appear everywhere)

Could anyone help me please ?

#263313 - 07/07/18 04:18 PM Re: Own messages and notices not visible for me [Re: Carine]
maroon Offline
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It's possible for a defective script to do this. You can test in that channel's editbox with:

//!msg $chan test

You can also check your ignore list to see if you've put yourself on ignore. That can prevent you from seeing your own /notice but shouldn't block /msg

/ignore -l
(small letter L)

If your text appears when you highlight the entire line with your mouse, then somehow you've set your text to be the same color as the background.

mIRC is supposed to block the effect of someone setting foreground and background to the same color, though if 2 color numbers are set to a shade that's very similar, it allows that. For example, the default 2=blue is hard to see as text against a black background.