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#263300 - 05/07/18 04:36 PM mToast - Toast notifications for mIRC (DLL)
Loki12583 Offline
Hoopy frood

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Windows toast notifications for mIRC

Repo: https://github.com/Membear/mToast
Download: https://github.com/Membear/mToast/releases

* Full XML customization
* Simple JSON template
* Supports callback by alias and signal
* Includes module for PM notifications

$mToast.ShowToast([@Title], @Text, [@Image])
$mToast.ShowToastXml(@Xml, [@Tag], [@Group])

* This DLL is written in C#, mIRC compatibility made possible with DllExport package.
* A custom shortcut will be placed in the user's start menu; this is required by Windows for operation.

Requirements and Dependencies
* mIRC v7.44
* Windows 10

* 3F/DllExport - https://github.com/3F/DllExport
* Toast design - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows...eractive-toasts

#263305 - 06/07/18 09:41 AM Re: mToast - Toast notifications for mIRC (DLL) [Re: Loki12583]
westor Online
Hoopy frood

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That's a perfect and modern project/DLL, really good work.

I wanna suggest to add an option to set how many seconds we want the notification to stay visible before get hide in notifications bar

e.g: //noop $mToast.ShowToast(TEST,test message,$mircdirmain.ico,60)

60 = Will determine that how many seconds will the notification box will stay active before goes in notifications bar.

- Thanks!
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#263308 - 06/07/18 06:30 PM Re: mToast - Toast notifications for mIRC (DLL) [Re: westor]
Loki12583 Offline
Hoopy frood

Registered: 22/01/04
Posts: 1240
You can't set a discrete value for duration, it's limited to short|long (7 or 25 seconds respectively).

By using ShowToastXml this (and all other) elements can already be set. I'll expose 'duration' and 'scenario' to ShowToastJson, but since neither of these are recommended for use (ref) and to keep ShowToast simple, if you want to use any custom attributes use ShowToastXml or ShowToastJson.