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#262025 - 23/12/17 03:12 AM $v1 / $ifmatch being inherited from identifier
Raccoon Offline
Hoopy frood

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//alias apple if (boat) return $!upper($1-) | if (carrot) echo -a $v1 - $apple($v1) - $v1 | alias apple

alias apple { if (boat) return $upper($1-) }

//if (carrot) echo -a $v1 - $apple($v1) - $v1

Returns: carrot - CARROT - boat
Expected: carrot - CARROT - carrot

I wasn't aware that $v1 was global, transcending scope, like a global variable.

(Also, $result is always empty. $result should contain CARROT.)
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#262026 - 23/12/17 03:22 AM Re: $v1 / $ifmatch being inherited from identifier [Re: Raccoon]
FroggieDaFrog Offline
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$v1/v2 has always been global. Due to Khaled's consistency in not wanting to break backwards compatibility, I doubt that will change.

$result always being empty is a bug.
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