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#261521 - 16/10/17 06:25 PM Mirc not loading new script (remote.ini) - Windows
JohnnyApp Offline
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Hi, Folks

I am having a problem with a newly edited script file (remote.ini). It's not executing the script. It's loading a script from somewhere else on my windows 10 system. I looked for the file
remote.ini and found it in the mric folder. I even deleted it and created a new one. But it still loads from another file. It's the best that I can figure. The script is relatively simple
As follows:

/join #channel
/join @channel password

When I delete both entries and save a script with nothing in it. It still executes the /join channel. Which shouldn't be happening. Is there another location in Windows 10?


#261522 - 16/10/17 08:09 PM Re: Mirc not loading new script (remote.ini) - Windows [Re: JohnnyApp]
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It's hard to understand your problem because a 'script' doesn't have those commands outside one of the ON-whatever events or inside an alias. Perhaps you have some commands loaded within mirc-options/connect/options/"Perform-on-connect", where something is configured either for all-networks or 1 specific network. The default location for such a thing is placing them in perform.ini