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#261361 - 10/09/17 12:11 PM BNC login after upgrade to mIRC 7.49
commander_keen Offline
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I recently updated from mIRC 7.46 to 7.49. Connecting (with a password) to a ZNC now results in:

[13:04] * Connecting to xxxx.goip.de (45020)
[13:04] Caps supported: userhost-in-names multi-prefix znc.in/server-time-iso znc.in/batch znc.in/self-message
[13:04] Caps set: multi-prefix userhost-in-names znc.in/server-time-iso
[13:04] Password required
[13:04] -irc.znc.in- *** You need to send your password. Configure your client to send a server password.
[13:04] -irc.znc.in- *** To connect now, you can use /quote PASS <username>:<password>, or /quote PASS <username>/<network>:<password> to connect to a specific network.

I can indeed use /quote PASS <username>:<password> to login, but it's a pain to enter everything on each startup. In mIRC v7.46 it would use the PW specified unter "password" for the server.
As the form for a server entry has changed, it seems mIRC has changed the PW handling here.
Is there a way to get the "auto-login" back without adding a perform-entry to issue the /quote pass command?

btw: The password dialog uses two kinds of asterisks(?)

edit: Okay, I tried to enter the PW in both fields before and it didn't help. Now I entered the ZNC password on in the first field and it works. (I know that this cannot be the reason, but I don't know what went wrong first.

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#261363 - 11/09/17 03:40 AM Re: BNC login after upgrade to mIRC 7.49 [Re: commander_keen]
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