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#261301 - 29/08/17 10:25 PM New username
Sage123 Offline
Mostly harmless

Registered: 29/08/17
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I have not been here for awhile. I have a new username but somehow it still connects using my old one which is banned for some reason. Can you help me activate using my new username.

Below is the message I received when I connect:

-irc.karaokevault.com- *** Looking up your hostname...
[01:41p] -irc.karaokevault.com- *** Checking ident...
[01:41p] -irc.karaokevault.com- *** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead
[01:41p] -irc.karaokevault.com- *** No ident response; username prefixed with ~
[01:41p] -irc.karaokevault.com- *** You are permanently banned from Ratzbag

#261302 - 30/08/17 12:11 AM Re: New username [Re: Sage123]
maroon Offline
Hoopy frood

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check your PM for reply

Edit: And for others reading this. The ban is not by "us", it's done by that network. The ban is against your ip address, so it doesn't matter which username or nick you use there. I sent the email address by PM so they don't gather spam.

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