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#260489 - 28/04/17 09:34 PM Need help with ip/connection issues related to dcc
Dan Offline
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I hope someone can nail this for me because its driving me crazy . Basically I am learning about DCC sending but I cant get it to work . The setup I have is a little complicated, I am hosting bitlbee, the all in one multiprotocol program, on Ubuntu on a virtualbox VM . I connect to it via mIRC (on my laptop) and do my chatting on mIRC obv. But I am really confused with regards to ip settings etc for DCC send. I have searched and searched everywhere and have tried to nail more times than Edison lol but to no avail.

I guess I should mention too that my main protocol for chat to use is SkypeWeb, incorporated into Bitlbee by EionRobb. Can anyone help me ? Eventually I would also like to script it so that if anyone says "send" in a convo then a file will be sent automatically. I have kinda made progress with that , but thought I should nail the actual connection/send issue first !

Thanks in advance


#260490 - 28/04/17 10:03 PM Re: Need help with ip/connection issues related to dcc [Re: Dan]
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look in mirc-options. When the top "+" is expanded, the 3rd row from the top should /connect/options. Inside there is a button "ports". Here you can place the port range mIRC should use for DCC. The default values and checkboxes work for most people, except for either changing the port numbers here to match those forwarded in your router, or vice-versa.