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#260444 - 20/04/17 05:09 PM Unread messages counter per channel
LordDeath Offline
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In other IRC clients (Hexchat and Textual) I have a vertical channel list just like in mIRC. On these clients I have an unread messages counter next to each channel name which displays the current number of new messages since the last time I looked into that channel.

Is there something like this for mIRC?

#260449 - 21/04/17 02:23 PM Re: Unread messages counter per channel [Re: LordDeath]
Wims Offline
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Hello, mIRC does not have such feature and the scripting language does not offer a way to do this, or not easily.
You should ask this as a feature http://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/newpost/Board/6
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