It would be nice if you could combine picwin's hidden bitmap surface with /did commands to change the picture of an icon control to the contents of a picwin without having to /drawsave and then /did -g

;=== Do drawing stuff
/drawrect -n @win .....
/drawrect -n @win .....
/dradot -n @win ....
;=== Update display on @win
/drawdot @win
;=== Translate Picwin to dialog icon control
/did -gp MyDialog <id> @win

Hopefully if picwins work like I think, all drawing commands happen to a compatible bitmap surface, which is modified with /draw commands, if -n is specified, the newly altered bitmap is not instantly blitted to the @windows surface (device context)

If this is the case, then for a hidden @window, there would be no need to /drawdot @win to update the windows display before using /did to apply the bitmap layer of the @window to an icon control on a dialog, because the icon control can directly use the compatible bitmap in memory, rather than making a compatable bitmap from the @windows device context.

This would also avoid continuous harddrive writes to attempt to do this without this feature such as mentioned before, by first saving the @win to file with /drawsave, /did -g to the dialog with the temporary file, and lastly removing the temporary file, not to mention the speed benefits of utilizing directly from memory.