ok so I have this:

on *:TEXT:!winners:#:{ 

alias topusers {
  btrunc temp 0
  var %i = 1
  while ($ini(fish.ini,%i)) {
    write temp $v1 - $readini(fish.ini,$v1,money)
    inc %i
  filter -cteuff 2 45 temp temp
  .play -m $chan temp

and when run it looks like:

[02:20] <game1> player1 - 77
[02:20] <game1> player2 - 55

how do I change the code to count the users on the .ini and divide the jackpot evenly and have an output of:

NOTE: Jackpots 1000...so

[02:20] <game1> !give player1 500
[02:20] <game1> !give player2 500

So you know, this is for a game that gives points to users for fun

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