This is the piece of the code that looks for the tip

    if (%target == $sockname) {
      if ($regex(%text,/^tipped [names here]/i)) {
        var -s %tipper $regml(1), %tip $regml(2)
        if (%tip !isnum 1-5) {
          sockwrite -nt $sockname PRIVMSG %nick :!tip %tipper %tip
          sockwrite -nt $sockname NOTICE %tipper :Sorry, but I only accept tips between $v2 CCN. (Silently Returned)

where [namehere] is has:

the "if target == socket" i believe is looking for the query from the tipbot on the channel, unfortunatly the tipbot DOES NOT do query's, and instead needs to look for the bold/underlined part of this from the specific user "Matylda"
<+Matylda> User tipped iconslots 1 Hyp! "/msg Matylda help" to claim. - Sponsored by {channel}

Anyway to make this work?

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