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#245774 - 07/05/14 07:05 PM Working with Multi IF Statements.
Exuviax Offline
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So, I have a code that blocks spam protection like so.

if ($($+(%,spamcaps.,$chan),2)) { 
    if ($($+(%,spam1.,$nick),2)) { RETURN }
    if ($($+(%,silent.,$chan),2)) { RETURN }
    if ($($+(%,permit.,$nick),2)) { RETURN }
    IF (($len($1-) < 9) || ($nick isop #)) { RETURN }

There is more, but it is unimportant.

So I want to take something like this

if ($($+(%,permit.,$nick),2)) { RETURN }

And add $chan into it. So, I assumed I would write it like this


But I can't seem to get it to work. Basically all I need to know, is how to log the word Regular, $nick and $chan of a person, then also how to do the Set on it. So for the permit I have the set command look like

set -u120 %permit. $+ $nick On

So to do one with all three, what would it look like?
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#245776 - 07/05/14 07:46 PM Re: Working with Multi IF Statements. [Re: Exuviax]
Loki12583 Online
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You have a period touching the $nick identifier, you can't have that.


set -u120 %permit. $+ $nick $+ . $+ $chan On