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#244018 - 16/01/14 11:47 PM /me Command Twitch Restrictions
HodgmoTwitch Offline
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Okay i'm using twitch and there is a command that users can type "/me" and it will type the variable after their name. I was wondering if there is a script able to make a conditional to where if you are op, you can use the /me command and if you aren't op, then it tells you "You aren't able to use this command" AND MAYBE at the same time making a flood on this so they aren't spamming this command. Thanks abunch!

#244019 - 17/01/14 02:36 AM Re: /me Command Twitch Restrictions [Re: HodgmoTwitch]
Nillen Offline
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What? /me is used to change the users font color to that of the pre-determined color which you chose on twitch.
(In order to make it seem like an emote)

If you mean !me instead of /me, then it makes sense.

on *:text:!me:#: {
  if (%floodme == on) { return }
  if ($nick isop #) { msg # $nick %variablename }
  else { msg # You aren't able to use this command. }
  set -u10 %floodme on

When this command is successfully used, it'll set a flood on called %floodme.
You can change how long you want the flood to last.
If the flood is active, the command won't do anything.

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#244021 - 17/01/14 07:14 AM Re: /me Command Twitch Restrictions [Re: HodgmoTwitch]
sparta Offline
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/me is a command built in to mirc, you can't stop people using that. The only thing you can do as a op is to kick users using "action" in the channel.
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