As you can read in []this post[/url] this bug has been still reported.


I just tried out 7.31, but it failed to connect with an s/mime certificate.

With 7.29 I get in out services.log such a line:

[May 07 20:37:01 2013] Added email-hash 7b4fd63fbde1d273 for user TCfoo
[May 07 20:37:01 2013] Added certificate-fingerprint 98:07:23:ee:c5:37:2a:ee:7d:54:4c:bd:58:90:3c:dc:7b:4d:c5:9f for user TCfoo

TLSINFO TLS is enabled
TLSINFO Client certificate is valid
TLSINFO certificate fingerprint is 98:07:23:ee:c5:37:2a:ee:7d:54:4c:bd:58:90:3c:dc:7b:4d:c5:9f
TLSINFO connection is using DHE-RSA

Connecting to the server with the same parameters with 7.29 does not work, I just get a normal ssl connection.

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TC / Mario